President Trump Will Destroy The Deep State

Deep State or The Shadow Gorvernment is the term used to describe a group of government officials who wield disproportionate power over the government despite not formally being elected/in charge.

An example of the Deep State exercising its powers was shown during the Podesta email leak, where in 2008 Citibank executive Michael Froman sent Podesta a list of preferred cabinet appointments a month before the election occurred. Obama’s eventual cabinet exactly matched Citibank’s suggestions.

More recently, the term has been used in relation to Trump. Independent media has been reporting that Trump and the Deep State are butting heads, and there is speculation that Deep State is positioning to impeach Trump.


Post Author: John Harris

5 thoughts on “President Trump Will Destroy The Deep State

    linda asher

    (June 3, 2018 - 12:04 am)

    I appreciate your site and recordings. it would be helpful if the videos under the prophecy
    tag, were dated and list who mark is speaking with. I just listened to one that says may
    talking about what happened ‘currently’ in las vegas. it makes it difficult, when they are
    not in consecutive time. blessings.


    (July 17, 2018 - 10:15 am)

    Hallelujah!! God Bless Donald Trump!!

    johann schutte

    (July 25, 2018 - 11:35 am)

    crucify the pope!!! let Obama can knock the nails in . YES HE CAN !!! America , Israel and South Africa are the only nations that has a covenant with God . see S.A. history . our history is very similar to USA history . you fought the English we also did . you fought the Indians . we fought the Africans that came from the north . we drove the same cars .
    (ox wagons) GOD bless us all

    Maria Grace Perez

    (August 18, 2018 - 4:59 am)

    Hi Mark, May i pls give this Other News, maybe you’ll be interested?:
    Pls see from Australia: “FALSEFLAGS…” by Mike 444 08-2018. Fr UK by NiburuNews on “FEMA ordered Hydrogen Cyanide 2018”; and, “FEMA Detained Hawaiins 2018”. FEMA is NOT a Relief Aid. FEMA is an Obama-Independent, Autonomous org IMMUNE to the next US PRES& CONGRESS. Search: FEMA Raids by Force and by Guns [amateur homevideo]. In the FEMA Camps; they were/are given Choice to be given RFID Microchips in order to get more food benefits? What benefit could it be when they took people by Guns? IF they Refused; then, they will be Beheaded, Decapitated [search on FEMA ordered Blades]. USA is decisively under Siege! That EMP instigated Disasters that are man-made [as False Flags Disaster]. But, the Real Issue is FEMA giving MICROCHIPS in their CAMPS to homeless stricken Disaster Victims. DeepState NWO members making personal attack on Pres Trump and the NWO EMP Disaster may blow on one of the State; holding Pres Trump from counter-attacking. Remember that Obama banned all Stun Guns! (1) Use live-wire as stun guns not to kill but to Freeze and take off the Microchips that are in the Right hands or Foreheads of the FEMA Soldiers who are not in their self; but their brains are being controlled; just like Sen John McCain who was formerly a Champion pro-lifer throughout his life; but he suddenly changed to become pro-abortion. (2) Also, if being forced; then, call in the Name of Lord Jesus! Thanks.
    And, other things that are Coming IF W3 broke out?
    (1) The man-made-Aliens [they are not from space but they exist as man-made] whose power were from the super psychic powers of [I call] witches are coming! [see “witch Emmanuel Eni convertedChristian”]. [Psychic Powers like tele-transport, kinesis, hypnosis…]; and to hide NWO Deep State Guilt of kidnapped people of missing planes turned into Aliens without memory of the past, then, they let those man-made Aliens thrived and multiply in another planet! Russia has military base in Mars! No wonder most Aliens somewhat resembled humans: they were all man-made!]
    (2) Then, the Man-Giants are Coming from Old Testament Giants whom Joshua times were supposed to be instinct; but, the mad scientists [I called witches] had CLONED DNAs of the skeletons of man-GIANTS. See the video: ‘’Mike 444 on Giants are Real; 2018“ In that video: USA Army encountered a 15 foot GIANT in Afghanistan in 2002!!” Have Faith! OR ask [first, as possible] the Holy Priests, or optional: Pastors/Ministers to Exorcise the power of the witches; that they be good Aliens/Giants instead! Remember that those will be used by the devil or fallen-angels [but they will not look like angels but evil possessed!]
    (3) Then, the Giants Animals are also coming/will be released! Giant animals were BIO-Engineered man-made by witches-mad-scientists; some Imperfect or Refused were thrown to the sea; but not even the fishes like to eat them; then, those resurfaced on the beaches: seen Dead! …dead and that looks like half man-half beast!. DO NOT BE AFRAID; know how to Exorcise in the Name of Jesus and use [if RC:] your Sacramentals: the Holy Rosary and Scapulars [IF RC]; or the Bible! Let Love guide ALL. Thank you Bro for listening.

    Kelly Wayne Jerome

    (February 5, 2019 - 3:08 am)

    New member. I have been listening to Brother Mark for about 3 months now and firmly believe he is giving us devine prophecy. I am 53 years old and have experienced my own relationship with God. I have always felt and understood that the church includes all the believers. Not a building, but the individual souls of the true believers.
    That being said, it is more important now than ever before to gather and pray for our president. I hope that all churches are aware of this and those preachers are all attempting to reach out to each other and bring their flocks together.
    The leaders of these churches need to be reaching out across all ethnic backgrounds and faiths to unite Christians in large prayer services where they can come together and show the Lord that our prayers will be united for the American people and those Christians in foreign nations.
    It can envision large stadiums filled with Christians for all day prayer services. The leaders from multiple churches taking turns to lead tens of thousands of Christians in all day prayer services.
    This would not be a regular Church service, but more in the lines of a “Revival” of the church of our Lord. In the way of how the Church was actually envisioned.
    Today more than ever, Christians from all backgrounds need to be brought together. We need to blind the lines that divide us by labels and colors. We need all Christians in the same boat, rowing in the same direction. This boat has to be rowed ashore in order to stop Satan from reigning over our world.

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