John Bolton Is Cleaning House with High-Level Shakeups


John Bolton will be making some big changes to the National Security Council.

After being appointed as national security adviser in the Trump administration, Bolton has warned NSC employees that staff changes are coming, including a flood of new people people and a structure reorganization, Fox News reported Wednesday via a Trump administration source.

Bolton reportedly told staffers in a Wednesday morning memo that these staff changes may include high-level director positions.

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1 thought on “John Bolton Is Cleaning House with High-Level Shakeups


    (June 10, 2019 - 2:32 am)

    We have been praying daily at 6am since 2015. Suzanne Hinn Benny Hinn’s wife. it was set up when prayer first started for Pres Trump. sometimes I have to run the re-run as I get home late from work 10-11pm and 5pm comes quickly. But we have never stopped prayer.
    When I see the way God is working in this chosen man, I sometimes see how I am affected in my own life, things at work that are wrong in how things are so changing and I have to stop and realize GOD IS IN CHARGE!! and I pray I will be guided by HIS word.
    How He protects the Trump, he protects us. I see this in the Spirit and even tho sometimes I don’t understand, I have learned to just TRUST OUR GOD> and I know the words given to our Fireman Mark, that is it true and a re-read his book over and over and each time, God give me a new insight to what is happening.
    I can’t watch the new even Fox , maybe now and then, because I get irritated and uncomfortable in my Spirit and find myself out of sorts and getting mad for nothing.
    Please note you are given to us truth and we can take it or leave it, I choose to believe and keep praying for God’s outcome in all of our lives as we should know, HE IS COMING BACK AND THE HOLY SPIRIT IS ON THE WAY !!!!!
    PAY ATTENTION FOLKS! recognize one another as we should know one another by our Love. AMEN

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